The Deepest Conversation

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear MS,

              How are you? Have been well? I hope you are doing well with your life and your study. I heard you already have a BF, I hope he will take a good care of you. Today, it has been a year since the last time we met, yet it feels like yesterday. Time passed by really fast huh. For a year I didn't met you and luckily I'm still breathing. Back then, when we were still together, I can't even survive a week without seeing you. I will grab every chance I have to meet you. You going back from work at 5 p.m and I will count each second waiting for 5 p.m to come. But now, there is no more you. I never heard any thing from you anymore. I want to call and ask how have you been, but I know you wont pick it up, I want to text you but I know you will never reply it. It's okay, I will keep on moving.

I still remember the first time I saw you, at our workplace. I saw you walking alone doing your job and I said to my friend, "Meor, awek tu cute gak kan". and Meor said, "Ooo, dia dak UIA. Aku baru borak dengan dia tadi". My first impression for you was "You are not my type." I just think you are cute, but the fact you are an UIA student grabbed my attention. I have been working there for about 2 years and this is the first time I met someone who is from UIA too. So, I looked for the chance to talk to you and finally I got the chance and we chat. You gave me your Facebook email and I added you up as soon as I reached home. Your FB profile picture? WOW, you are smoking hot. Not the kind I imagined you would be; you are sooo not my type.

A few days later, when we both were busy filling the water into the jug, I surprisingly asked you out for a movie and surprisingly, you said yes. So we went out the next day. We went to Pavilion as it is easier to get there by train because I haven't had a driving licence that time. I still remember the movie we watched, "The Prince of Persia". I bought two Big Apple doughnuts and we ate it together in the movie. 

* I still kept the movie ticket.

While waiting for the movie to start, we sat at one corridor looking at a carnival for kids and we teased each other about who are the childish one between us. And I we snapped a few pictures of us (but pictures of you were more than mine). As we sat, we talk about each other, getting to know deeper and that time, I got to know the real you. You were not like as I thought you are. :)

As time flew by, we got closer and closer and that time, for the first time in my life, I fell in love with you. I had been in few relationships previously, but those weren't as real as what I had for you. Everyday, we texted each other from morning(7 a.m.) till the next morning(around 3,4 a.m.). Even my hearing sense was sensitive to my mobile's message tone. I could automatically wake up when I heard my message tone because I know it's you who is texting me. I had less sleeptime, but I never got tired by you :)

At work, I will look for every chance to work near to you because I want to see you. I never got bored looking at you and my tiredness due to working will easily fade away. One day, you were offered to work in the HR dept, thus, your working hour is according to office hour. It's hard to work together again. But I will take the morning shift whenever I had the chance. So, I woke up early in the morning, took the train to Asia Jaya and we both went to KLCC together by train. :)

Sadly, they all are gone now. We got separated because you left me without no concrete reason. And you left me with two things, our memories together and a wounded heart.

Those were some of the memories I have been reminiscing every night. There are no single day or night passed without me thinking of you, for the past year. Memories remains as memories. I pray each day, we will meet again and get back together. I made a promise to you that time, I will keep myself by your side forever as long as you need me. And I'm a man on my words. The promise remains. Thanks for everything MS. I will be keeping waiting for you.


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Paradise Gal said...

Mode: Empathy..
Really understand how u feel. Good luck!!! hopefully one day, she will realize that not all man in this world able to sincerely love a girl like u do... :O sgt tercengang.heee...

Hilmy Wazza said...

she is getting married..

syazana said...

sabar yerk .. keep on moving on your life k .. Allah always beside u