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Monday, May 9, 2011


Annyeong haseyo! haha... kpop mania bebeh. blog aku ni cam pelik sikit sbb takde direction yg khusus blog aku ni pasal apa. Sbb aku tulis je apa aku nak. nama pun bosan bosan time praktikal ni kan. lagipn kalo buat topik yang pelbagai, lagi mudah dijumpai di google. tol tak?  ini teori aku je.

So, what i wanna share today is what to me considered as one of 'must-grabbed' gadget. I know how nowadays  everyone wants to own their own personal gadget, either it is an ipod, ipad, iphone, tablet pc, pda, and etc.

The gadget im talking about is called FLIP, a video camera. There are 3 FLIPs available to choose from; Ultra, Mino and Slide. Well, as you can see or read from its name, its a video camera thus its functioning same as any other typical video camera can do; to record moments.




What attracts me the most about this cool gadget is the design of the camera. Really simple yet attractive. This is what people say, "Less is more". Whenever wherever you see something cool, take it out from your pocket, and click! done.

Why you should grab it?

1. The specification itself is quite impressive - 720p HD/60 fps with image stabilization

2. ada built-in usb connector. So, you can transfer your image to any device with usb port. no usb cable needed.

3. The design comes in vaiours colors. Choose any color you crave for ^^ . Better yet, you can also custom your own design. Nice!

4. This is my favorite part. The accessories! ~[^_^]~

Bower Wide Angle Lens

Ikelite Underwater Housing

Bole lekat kt topi!

5. After reading all this, you must be curious about the price. No worries, the price is affordable even for a student!
-Ultra HD around rm350++
-Mino HD around rm380++
-Slide HD around rm800++

Really tempting huh? Sape tak mampu beli DSLR tu, beli ni pn ok la. ^_^

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