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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Salam, it has been awhile since the last time i splat my face and squeezed my lil brain here. Recent week hadn't been nice to me. 'Problems' were almost alike one of my favy song "Grenade - Bruno Mars"; easy come hard to go. But hell yeah, that is life rite. Being happy all the time without a bit of gloom gives you skizofrenia, while ups and downs give you LIFE.

Last Sunday 2.45 in the morning, my all time favorite team Man Utd lost 3-1 to Barcelona, a team which many regards as one of the best team of all time if not the best. Being outclassed by a world class team like Barcelona, with their accurate passes(gave me goosebumps!), didn't really shelled out the sorrows i always had whenever Man Utd lost. I would say Barcelona are better than the current 1st ranked national team, SPAIN. Why? Simply because most Spain first players are Catalans, with the majestic football wizard, Lionel Messi in it. What pissed me off was the football's douche bags who continuously make fun at Man Utd fan. Well, what can i say is, "Get a life douche bag!". Most Barcelona supporters(supporters okay, not fans!) are Chelsea's, Arsenal's and and Liverpool's. They were acting such pathetic ironically because their suck team didn't win anything in 2010/2011 season. Cheering the lost of Man Utd is all the thing left for them because they have nothing else to cheer about. Poor thing. Im sure they cried when their team was kicked out of the tournament especially Chelsea who kicked by Man Utd. Serve you right! HAHAHA.... and yeah, the 19th top silverware in Britain put MU as the most successful club in England. You pathetic haters can laugh as much as you can for the MU lost, because that shows how pitiful you are. LOL. and also the most pathetic thang would be the girls who so-called 'football fan' but no nothing about football, make themselves busy laughing and criticizing Man Utd. These group of girl just want to make themselves be in the group, not because they love football. Most girls play badminton rather than football nor futsal, but they dont watch badminton tournament and I dont think they know badminton rules. So how come they have so much interest in football? Good looking players i guess? Well whatever it is, if you dont know football, dont show your stupidness by making fun at other team. You should go watch cooking show instead!

Today, as always the the second thing(after facebook-ing) I do when I arrived at my work place is reading sport news and I was like, "Oh nooooooo!" when i read the main article of the day;  Paul Scholes announced his retirement. To whom who watched english football regularly within the past two decades knows how great Scholes was. He has this one unique skill admired by all footballers in the world, ACCURATE LONG PASS! This is a great loss to MU, a living legend called off his day. 
When VDS announced his retirement at the end of the season, it gave me sadness. Today, Scholes announced his, and I gloomed. When the day Giggs turn to call his day comes, Im sure my tear will drop. Being a Manchunian for many years is a personal pride to me. I consider my self lucky to live and watch all these legends playing. One day, I will tell my children and my grandchildren about all these legends and how them inspired me. T^T

These are few testimonials of many made by the fame football individuals:-

Zizou Zidane - "My toughest opponent? Scholes. He is the complete midfielder. He is undoubtedly the best midfielder of his generation.".

Arsene Wenger - "Scholes is the type of player you want in your team".

Xavi Hernandes - "He was the best central midfielder that I have seen. The most complete.".

During Edgar Davids' prime when he was hailed as the best midfielder in the world, he replied: "I'm not the best, Paul Scholes is.
"Every one of us is just trying to become as good as him. Everyone can learn from Paul Scholes."

and in the end, he is still a quiet little guy who takes no complement for his greatness. Viva Scholsy! 

p/s : Sorry for the grammar errors! still improving!

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